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Our First Performance

A‘ea‘e's first performance as a band wasn't at Blue Note Hawai‘i on May 7. 2023, but at Ka Waihona O Ka Na‘auao School in Nānākuli the day before - Saturday, May 6, 2023. Mailelauli‘i Naki, a long-time friend of group members Kenneth Makuakāne and Keola Donaghy, invited the band when she learned of our performance the next day at the Blue Note. It feels good to know that our very first performance was to benefit a great cause and a great school. Mahalo e Mailelauli‘i kāu kono ‘ana mai iā mākou!

Front left to front right: Mailelauli‘i Naki, Tarvin Makia, Kenneth Makuakāne, Jeff Dayton, Māpuana Makia, Pono Makuakāne. Photo courtesy Maillelauli‘i Naki.


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