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Group Member Profile: Kenneth Makuakāne

Outside of our collective work with A‘ea‘e, each member of our group has a notable history in Hawaiian music and in other areas. Kenneth Makuakāne, is founder of the groups Mango and Pandanus Club, a solo artist, producer, composer, and engineer with hundreds of Hawaiian releases to his credit. He is currently the kahu (lead minister) of Kawaiaha‘o Church on O‘ahu, the oldest church in Hawai‘i. He was awarded the Hawai‘i Academy of Recording Arts’ “Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 for his 40+ years of excellence in Hawaiian music.

Kenneth and Keola have been collaborating for 20 years. This mele (song) is one they composed on the passing of their dear friend the Rev. Dennis Kamakahi in 2014. It borrows phrases and themes from some of his most famous compositions into a lei ho‘ohāli‘a (a lei of remembrance). Please enjoy.

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