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A‘ea‘e: Enhance Edition Now online!

We are thrilled to announce that an updated edition of our debut recording is out, and it includes two new mele that make it eligible for the 66th Grammy Awards. “A Hiki I Ke Aloha ‘Āina Hope Loa” is a country rocker and a tribute to the kia‘i (guardians) of Maunakea. “Nā Wai Kaulana O Nā Wai ‘Ehā” is a country ballad dedicated to the famed four waters of Maui and a call to completely restore the flow of water from ma uka to ma kai (from the mountain to the sea. With these, we in A‘ea‘e continue our use of music to support social and environmental causes in Hawai‘i. It's available on:

And don't forget to check out our updated FYC page on!

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